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Are You Interested In Finding Your Birth Parents?

Anyone looking for birth parents will need to put a process in place to locate them. This process that must be undertaken to find the birth parents of an individual can be very frustrating as many roadblocks often seem to impede the progress of the investigation. This is a task that cannot always be completed on your own. You will require an investigator who is dedicated and thorough in investigating all leads and will help find biological parents in a timely manner.


Many who have completed this process in the past have been very pleased at having their sons or daughters and their extended families back in their lives after many years. It is important that the child is ready to find their birth parents.This was the case for a young man who had rejected visits from a birth mother earlier as a child and once he had started a family decided that it was time to meet his family. This was meant to be a one off meeting to discover more about himself, but has formed long lasting relationships as a result.

Many biological parents are willing and excited to reunite with their children, often due to the situations that forced them to allow the child to be adopted. Adoption is often a choice that is the best option for the birth parents at the time, but as situations, both financially and otherwise change, the birth parents may want to find the children as much as the children want to be reunited or to meet their birth parents.


Many find a sense of completion or closure on knowing that they can reach out and reestablish a connection with their biological child and let them know the why and how of what happened during that time in the parents life that made adoption seem like the best option.

Many people who have conducted a search to find biological parents have not only satisfied curiosity but have become part of a wider family as a result. This is a massive decision for any person to make and can have life changing effects.

If you want more information about a birth parent search, get in contact with us in confidence. We are more than willing to help you take this huge step in your life.

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Rod is very responsible, patient, fast and accurate in obtaining the information and he is excellent in communication and I never had a late response to my emails. He completed the job as he promised with a reasonable cost and I am delighted to choose him as my investigator and he is highly recommended for a superb A+++++ service.

As someone who utilizes investigators overseas often, the service Rod provided as well as his pricing couldn’t have been better. The quality of his effort was well received. Thanks for making me look good.
Michael Starr

I would not hesitate in recommending Moratti & Associates to anyone looking for answers….”Seek & Rod will find”!!! Sharon C.

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