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How to Find a Private Investigator in New Zealand

While many may think that finding a private investigator may be difficult, the task is not as hard as they tend to believe. There are a number of things that people can do to ensure that they hire a private investigator who can help them look for things like birth parents and provide any information that they need.

Clear Fees

Private investigation firms should always be able to tell clients exactly how much it will cost them to do what they would like. In addition, they should never charge any more than the initial estimate unless they have spoken to the individual who has hired them in advance. Anyone who is seeking private investigator services should keep in mind that it is not particularly expensive for private investigator companies to find assets or people. However, tasks that require large amounts of time can be more costly as clients will be compensating private investigators for their time.

Ability to Testify in Court

There are many times when individuals need a private investigator in New Zealand to testify in court. With this, it is essential to establish whether the person who is handling the investigation is able to testify effectively in court. People are much better off with an investigator who has previous experience testifying in court if they end up taking matters to the legal system. It is a very good idea to ask if there is anything preventing an investigator from testifying in court. In addition, people who are trying to find a private investigator should pay attention to a candidate’s appearance and think about whether they would command respect in a courtroom.


Experience is very important in choosing the right private investigation services. People should always go with a company that has significant amounts of experience in law enforcement, private investigation or a combination of both. They should also ask about things like technical skills in performing database searches in addition to computer security. Inquiring about the number of cases that an investigator has handled that are similar to the one that a person is involved with and their outcomes is a very good idea.


While this can often be very subjective, it is a good practice to try to get an idea of a private investigator’s character before they are hired. People should only hire investigators who strike them as trustworthy and ethical individuals. First impressions can tell people quite a bit, and this is particularly important when potential clients have their first meeting with a private investigator.


There are some situations where a private investigator may have to speak with the person being investigated, and it is best to discuss what they would do in case this happens. This is because it can seriously compromise a client’s confidentiality if the person under investigation finds out that they are being investigated and who is performing it. While there is no legal obligation for a private investigator to keep their clients’ identities secret, any good investigator will honor a request for confidentiality.

The Bottom Line

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