Depending on the type of task, we operate on an hourly rate or come to a set fee arrangement. Usually a trace inquiry will have a set fee which we will agree upon once the nature and difficulty of the task is known but ranges from $450+GST upward.

Surveillance can sometimes be undertaken by a solo agent but usually requires two vehicles in secure radio contact so we can swap around and maintain covert surveillance.

The cost for standard surveillance is NZ$90 per agent hour plus mileage, any expenses and GST. The expenses depend on the task and may include, flights, accommodation, rental cars, parking, meals or more usually, a coffee or meal if the person we are following enters a cafe or restaurant and we need to blend in to maintain visual connection.

For surveillance jobs you need to allow us additional travel time each way to and from the job.

We can provide a quote on application once we have discussed and assessed your requirements.

Payment is easy, either by PayPal, Internet banking, Western Union or any other method that suits you. If paying by PayPal you just go to and click ‘send money’ then you can pay via your PayPal account or using your credit card to If you have not used PayPal before we can send a money request to your email address to make things easier.

Investigation work is charged at NZ$150 per hour plus expenses and GST.

Interviews for criminal matters such as witness statements are NZ$250 per hour plus expenses and GST.

Every task is different so it is not possible to list all costs and fees here. Simply contact us and begin the process. We will be up front with you and on many occasions it will be possible to set fees. You will only have to deal with one contact person and your information is held with utmost confidentiality.

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