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From time to time clients are kind enough to allow me to list their feedback on this site so that you have the opportunity to get a feel for how I work and in turn utilize my services. Here are some of those emails…

Due Diligence Reference from the US

I operate a boutique investigative firm in the US serving the investment industry. We were given a rush pre-employment background assignment on an executive legal assistant candidate for a partner at a major private equity firm in Manhattan. The candidate had only recently relocated to New York from New Zealand and it was critical that we utilize an investigator on the ground in Auckland to effectively complete the investigation.

Not only was Rod a pleasure to work with he completed the assignment in less than twenty four hours through the use of public record searches and multiple source interviews enabling our client to quickly and comfortably move forward with hiring the candidate. As someone who utilizes investigators overseas often, the service Rod provided as well as his pricing couldn’t have been better. The quality of his effort was well received. Thanks for making me look good.
Michael Starr

One of our investigation clients:

To whom it may concern, Testimonial for Rod Moratti, Moratti & Associates, Auckland, NZ.
My experience with Mr Moratti started in Oct 2007 when an individual residing in New Zealand cheated me of a sum of money in a failed purchase of a laptop computer. As I am residing in Malaysia, my chances of recovering this sum of money were next to hopeless. My enquiries from NZ private investigators got the fastest response from Rod Moratti and Associates and I then hired his services.

From the minimal information I supplied Mr Moratti, he was able to use his creative resources to secure the individual’s identity and was even to locate him in a short time. He was able to convince this person to return all my money. At all times, he was professional and even displayed a personal motivation that cost him more time than originally quoted to complete my assignment.

I would not hesitate to use his service again and I readily recommend him. For any clarification I can be reached on and on the following mobile number +60168886640. Chin Koon Siang, Malaysia

A reference from a background check client:

I chose Moratti and Associates because I felt reassured that my enquiry would remain totally confidential. Utilising Rod’s professional services was straight forward and enabled me to avoid a potentially embarrassing situation should I have attempted to acquire the information myself.

Rod was a pleasure to deal with and promptly provided me with the information I had requested as well as additional details of significance I had not been expecting and was thankful to receive. This impressive, fast service led me to recommend Moratti and Associates to my family and to my employer and I would certainly utilise Rod’s services again should the need arise. Thanks Rod!

Infidelity case:

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Rod & the team at Moratti & Associates for the recent help in an infidelity investigation conducted on behalf of my Mother and I to catch a cheating Father.

We never thought that we would need the help of a P.I. but there is only so much you can do yourself. We needed concrete evidence – instead of us just chasing paper trails. We were initially concerned that we would never be able to afford a P.I. to verify and conclude our findings. We were pleasantly surprised to find that Rod is able to put the cost of his services within reach of ordinary Kiwis. He was up front with us from day one.

Thanks to Rod and his team, my Mother has had all of her questions answered and is now free to move on with her life. You can’t put a price on that kind of freedom. I would not hesitate in recommending Moratti & Associates to anyone looking for answers….”Seek & Rod will find”!!! Sharon C.

International Infidelity case:

I would like to thank you for your very fast conclusion to our request. Within 2 hours of our first conversation you managed to identify the suspects residence, produce evidence, car details and confirm the suspect was in residence. You managed that from only a name and possible telephone number.

Within 8 hours you visually tracked down and identified the suspect and submitted a detailed report following confirmation against pictures we sent you. The next morning at 6.30 you mount a surveillance operation, keep me informed by text message and by 3.30pm produce strong evidence of the suspects in action. In my lawyers words “This guy is a professional”

Thanks once again, I hope not to have to use you again, but if I have do, I know what I to expect – pure professionalism! Regards, Jonathan

References from some of our ‘adoption‘ clients:

Hi Rod,

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you but just wanted to let you know what a positive experience finding my son has been for everyone. I have just posted a rating and I will get around to writing a personal story at some stage.

It’s just been huge for all of us. Blood is very strong sometimes and he found that he really clicks with us. You were right, I am a very lucky woman to have such a lovely boy. I could never have hoped for more.

He has obviously been very well raised by his adoptive mother. We text each other at random most days although I usually leave it for him to make the first contact. He and his sister in Perth have now met and got on famously and they keep in regular contact. We all laugh at how similar we are and he finally has someone to blame for his traits.

Meeting my father has been a big thing for him as he never had a grandfather. It turns out that he is very much like Dad and recently Trent and his partner Jodie went to visit Dad (now in a rest home) and tell him they are expecting their first child just prior to Christmas. Dad does not have long in this world but he is very anxious to get to see this new great granddaughter.

Thank you so much for bringing this about.

Kind Regards,
Joanne Bentley

Rod, I thank you for your work, your determination and perseverance.

Without you I would never have found my birth mother. It was you who did not give up despite what was a near impossible mission. You also helped pave the way in making the initial approach which you did with your wonderful diplomacy and gentle care. Everything went so well from that point on. I would recommend your services to anyone who wants to deal with an intelligent, gentle and generous person who cares deeply about their work. Debra, June 2008″

To whom it may concern:

When we decided to contact Rod and his firm to help my husband locate his birth mother, we were unsure of the outcome and length of time the whole process would take. Rod was incredibly informative and comforting to speak to and gave us the confidence that we were doing the right thing and approaching such a sensitive situation the right way. Once he had located my husband’s birth mother (which amazingly only took a couple of days) Rod then stepped up to guide us through the next step of making contact with her. On his advice, we left that initially to him to do (after my husband provided some background information which Rod then scripted into that all important first contact conversation which was done over the phone).

From there, it has been an incredible journey of re-connection and nearly a year later, my husband has been slowly building a beautiful connection with his birth mother.  We are now on the next chapter of connecting with his birth father and whilst we didn’t need Rod’s services to locate him etc, he has again provided us with advice and support around the sensitive but essential side of DNA testing.

We would recommend Rod’s services to anyone looking to find a birth parent and we wish and hope for the same outcome that we have had.

Mandy Hunt

Internet Relationship Client

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the services you’ve provided. From all the information you have given me, I could tell that you tried your hardest and with detail. Words cant express how grateful my family and I are to you. Thanks to you, My sister and my family can move on in peace and try to live a normal life. It takes a strong and brave person to do what you do and I truly hope you know that you have helped someone tremendously. Mr. Moratti… THANK YOU!!! Take care, M

One of our spouse infidelity clients:

I will always remember you Rod. (Originally, I was expecting you to be a grizzly old man wearing a grubby looking brown jumper with the elbows worn out of the sleeves!) I was very relieved to discover that you were compassionate and caring, and a ‘good looking’ investigator who was there for me when I needed a friend. Thank you Rod. Gail

Successfully Tracked Missing Family Member:

Dear Rod,
I just can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate all of the work that you and your colleagues have done to reach Hans. Our family has once again been reunited. My father wishes to express his deep gratitude to you as well. Moments ago I shared the image of Hans with him. My father was very emotional and said “He looks good”. With Hans being 80 and my father 84 years, the travel to see each other again is not possible. Hans did phone and talked to my father the day before yesterday for over one hour.
Your services and communication with me have been outstanding. I went into this praying that all would be well. As you can fully understand, many times this is not the case. The brothers have agreed from this point forward to call and speak with one another at least once per month. Hans is also aware that we are here and love him. He also can turn to us to assist with any problems that he may have in the future.
In closing, I just want you to know that reaching out to someone on the opposite side of the world; and then finding you, has been truly amazing. God Bless you Sir as you continue your work in helping others.
Kind Regards,
Monica Obersteller

Client and property protection/bodyguards

“I recently had a very difficult situation arise… with which I had no experience. Frankly, I was afraid. In spite of normally being very confident, I was at a loss to know how to manage this particular situation, both legally and to keep myself personally safe.

I needed documents served, I needed surveillance and information, I needed an ‘invisible’ bodyguard with sensitivity and understanding of a world I did not know. I spoke anxiously to friends. I was lucky to find someone who had used Moratti & Associates and highly recommended them for their help with a similar difficulty.

(And to cut a painful story short!) Rod Moratti helped me with the knowledge and support that I needed. I found him immensely responsive, solid in expertise and best practice. He has a number of excellent associates, trained and dealing regularly with confidential/ legal/ risky situations. He has contacts in many fields and, being Licensed, works in close collaboration with NZ Police.

Following his advice and with the help of his team, the situation has been satisfactorily resolved. My needs were such that, not to have succeeded in this, would have been disastrously expensive for me in every way.

So many thanks Rod. I was so lucky to have had your help at this time”. J.P. West Auckland

Thanks so much Rod, this has really helped a lot! I don’t know what I would have done without using your company. You did a fantastic job with this. Hopefully won’t have to ask you for help again but it was great working with you anyway. Thanks again, Katie Buchanan

Rod, I would like to thank you so much for the outstanding service provided in my family case. I am living out of New Zealand and chose Rod as the private investigator via internet and reading feedbacks. Although we have never met in person I received an amazing service which satisfied me 110%. Rod is very responsible, patient, fast and accurate in obtaining the information and he is excellent in communication and I never had a late response to my emails. He completed the job as he promised with a reasonable cost and I am delighted to choose him as my investigator and he is highly recommended for a superb A+++++ service. Kaveh

As we migrants know, it is often difficult to get specialised services that may not be quite understandable in the NZ context.  Sometimes we have difficulty expressing our needs, though we are willing to pay for the services contracted, and often we are met with impatience and lack of understanding.

I recently had the need for specialised surveillance services, for which we sent an inquiry to Rod Moratti. His response was professional, patient and he clearly understood the brief given.

Moratti & Associates performed the surveillance with finesse and delivered results. They demonstrated the highest professional standards, with empathy and understanding the special nature of the sensitive assignment.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rod and his team for professional work that needs discretion and efficiency.

If you wish to speak with me Rod can give you my contact details.

Sunil Raghavan

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